Larymar Velvet Line

Brochure Larymar Velvet Line

Larymar Velvet Line is dedicated to women of all ages who wish to keep their skin healthy and young.

A line of innovative products designed to ensure a long-lasting, immediately visible lifting effect.

A whole new sensory experience brought to you from the Larymar research laboratories. Natural ingredients lend your skin youth, brightness, and vitality.

On your forehead, around your eyes, on your neckline… Larymar Velvet Line makes a difference right from the very first applications!

Larymar Velvet Line acts deep down, within the structure of the dermis, smoothing out wrinkles and leaving your face exceptionally soft and supple.

Discover Larymar Velvet Line. Discover the beginning of your new-found youth.

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Larymar Professional Line

Brochure Larymar Professional Treatment

Larymar Professional Treatment is a line of latest generation products designed specially for top-end beauty salons.

These products are for professional use, created specifically for cosmetic peeling treatments in beauty salons.

Through the combined action of five different anti-ageing cosmetics (each one to be used in individual treatment stages), Larymar Professional Treatment acts deep down in the skin.

Thanks to the active ingredients and their outstanding cosmetic effectiveness, your skin is moisturised and remains smooth and soft, with a long-lasting velvety feel.

See the Larymar Professional Treatment brochure

Official Treatment Protocol

Official Treatment protocol: what is it for?

Larymar Professional Treatment is a line of latest generation products designed specially for top-end beauty salons.

Anyone working in the professional beauty sector will find that Larymar is a precious ally in every situation, even the most demanding one.

The ideal application of the product depends each time on the type of skin: skin can range from sensitive and stressed to normal, dry or dull, from oily skin with sebum to mature skin with marks. Every case is dealt with respecting the characteristics and sensitivity of each person.

The combined action of Larymar products ensures extremely effective peeling treatments, for both young and more mature skin types. The correct application method is shown in the Official Treatment Protocol provided with the products of the line.

Thanks to this clear and intuitive protocol for the Larymar Professional Treatment, the doses and directions for use are always available making it easy also for less experienced professionals.

Customer service is always available to offer personal and timely advice in case of doubts. For further information or a free no obligation quote, please contact us by email or phone.

The future of cosmetics is called Larymar Professional Treatment.


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