Larymar Velvet Line Jojoba Scrub

Ingredients of vegetable origin for a scrub at the highest levels

Microgranules of jojoba, wheat germ oil, liquid crystal emulsifier derived from olive oil, vitamin E… are just some of the plant-based ingredients used in the Larymar Velvet Line Jojoba Scrub, a superior quality cosmetic designed to perform numerous beneficial actions on the skin of the face and décolleté.

The application of this scrub ensures excellent results on different types of skin, from fat and with sebum to dry and dehydrated skin. This is because the formulation includes active ingredients with complementary properties, ideal for solving the needs of a transversal public that ranges from young women who have to spend many hours outdoors to older women who want to fight the signs of aging on the skin.

In particular, Larymar Velvet Line Jojoba Scrub is the most suitable cosmetic for:

  • The mechanical exfoliation of the skin: softness of the skin guaranteed thanks to the Jojoba micro-granules.
  • Renewal of the stratum corneum: synergy of alpha-hydroxydes with NMF moisturizing agents, excellent for accelerating the turnover of the skin with consequent increase of the vital skin layers.
  • The production of collagen and elastin: favored by an innovative technology able to select and label the fibroblasts releasing microingredients with antiaging function.
  • Protect skin from skin aging: with the antioxidant action of vitamin E the production of free radicals is reduced.
  • Carry out nutrients: merit of the liquid crystal emulsifier from olive oil, able to integrate into the skin barrier reinforcing its integrity.
  • Give the skin a velvety touch: the combined fatty acids extracted from olive oil promote skin elasticity, fight irritation symptoms and make the skin soft.


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