Larymar Cosmetics offers advanced skincare products that effectively fight the signs of ageing leaving the skin deeply hydrated and velvety soft.

Larymar Cosmetics produces two main product lines.

Larymar Velvet Line is dedicated to women of all ages who wish to keep their skin healthy and young. This is a line of innovative products designed to ensure immediate benefits, both at macroscopic and microscopic levels. On your forehead, around your eyes, on your neckline… just a few applications are sufficient to notice the difference.

Thanks to the active ingredients and their outstanding cosmetic effectiveness, your skin is moisturised and remains smooth, firm and soft.

Larymar Professional Treatment is a line of latest generation products designed specially for top-end beauty salons: it is the innovative and ideal line of cosmetics for professional use, created specifically for cosmetic peeling treatments in beauty salons.

The Larymar protocol foresees five different steps with combined action for the peeling treatment.

The first two steps aim to prepare the skin with progressive exfoliation; the third step leaves the skin cleansed, moisturised and soft, and ready for the final steps.

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Velvet Line

A formula with a powerful anti-wrinkle, moisturising and elasticising effect.

A line of precious products that offer a toning, antioxidant and nourishing effect.

A treat for your face that pampers the skin leaving it young and velvety.

  • Velvet Line, complete line

Professional Treatment

A line of exclusive products dedicated to beauticians and beauty professionals.

An outstanding treatment that lends your skin new-found youth.

An exclusive formula that regenerates the epidermis in just a few steps, leaving it glowing and fresh.

  • Professional Treatment Antiage Larymar