Larymar Professional Treatment, Step 1: Peeling

The right choice for the first peeling stage in a salon treatment

The innovative Larymar Peeling Professional Treatment Step 1 is the ideal cosmetic for professional use in salon treatments to tackle the first cosmetic peeling stage. Its exclusive formula, which includes natural plant-based ingredients above all else, guarantees the organic and natural nature of this product. Ingredients include vitamin E and sorbitol. The former is a free radical scavenger and the latter is a humectant with an emollient effect that is immediately beneficial for the skin.

In addition, the formula also includes allantoin, with a moisturising and soothing action and glycerine, with known emollient and hydrating properties. A superior quality formula, excellent for the first peeling step on the face and body, with results that meet expectations. The use of Larymar Peeling Professional Treatment Step 1:

  • Stimulates tissue repair processes, leaving the skin soft, supple, and velvety
  • Protects your skin from the ageing caused by build-ups of free radicals


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Larymar Professional Treatment