Larymar Professional Treatment, Step 2: Peeling

The second peeling stage is based on papain, bentonite and talc

To reach maximum effectiveness, the peeling treatments must follow a specific protocol.

In the Larymar line, the second stage (step 2 or step B), to be combined with Larymar Step 1 and Larymar Step 3 products, involves the application of this special cosmetic, whose formula is based on papain, bentonite, and talc. The combined action of these three active ingredients guarantees immediate benefits for different types of skin, with results that are far superior in terms of exfoliation, epidermal turnover, and final softness.

The formula of the Larymar Peeling Professional Treatment Step 2 is suitable to meet the requirements of a wide range of skins, from young to more mature ones. The common thread is the professional quality of the treatment, a quality that is expressed at its best in treatments in beauty salons and wellness centres. More specifically the Larymar composition allows to:

  • Reduce the build up of shedding stratum corneum skin cells, promoting epidermal turnover
  • Renew your skin with a delicate peeling action that eliminates even the most stubborn areas of flakiness
  • Create a pleasantly dry feeling and leaves your skin soft and velvety smooth

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