Larymar Professional Treatment, Step 3: Peeling

The third stage of peeling purifies and hydrates the skin

The Larymar protocol foresees five different steps with combined action for the peeling treatment.

The first two steps aim to prepare the skin with progressive exfoliation, the third step leaves the skin cleansed, moisturised and soft, and ready for the final steps. This step is therefore a pause, which is extremely useful and relaxing for the person being treated, thanks especially to the active ingredients contained in the product. The ingredients include magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, glycerine and sorbitol (of plant origin), each one contributing in a different way and with a specific effect to achieve a deep, complete and lasting cosmetic result.

The correct use of the Larymar Peeling Professional Treatment Step 3, combined with the Larymar Step 2 and Larymar Step 1, blocks the peeling action of the mixture and ensures the following benefits:

  • Purifying action (magnesium sulphate heptahydrate): the skin is freed from waste and is therefore cleaner inside and outside
  • Emollient and hydrating action (glycerine): the skin is softened and moisturised leaving an immediate and lasting sense of wellbeing
  • Moisture retaining and emollient action (sorbitol): skin enjoys greater softness and smoothness

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