Larymar Professional Treatment, Step 4: Filler Mask

The most effective face mask for professional peeling treatments

For a peeling treatment that meets expectations, it is important to rely on the highest quality products.

It is important to rely on products like the state-of-the-art Larymar Filler Mask Professional Treatment Step 4, the fourth cosmetic of the Larymar range for salon treatments. It is a complex and sophisticated face mask with sensational effects, formulated with a mix of natural ingredients and cutting edge technologies.

Each active ingredient carries out a particular action on the skin of the face and body in general, improving the consistency, brightness and appearance of the areas treated. The list of active ingredients featured in the Larymar Filler Mask Professional Treatment Step 4 includes innovative microspheres of hyaluronic acid with filler effect for wrinkles, microlipids of stabilised vitamin C (protects against photoageing), vitamin E (antioxidant), liquid crystal emulsifier derived from olive oil (strengthens skin) and finally precious wheat germ oil with an emollient, hydrating and nourishing effect.

Using the Larymar face mask means:

  • Revitalising all skin types with immediate, clearly visible results
  • Filling wrinkles through the moisture sealing and plumping properties of the hyaluronic acid that acts as a “molecular sponge” which retains moisture and increases volume
  • Inhibiting the production of melanin pigments, reducing the negative effects of photoageing and stimulating the production of collagen
  • Avoiding the formation of new free radicals
  • Increasing the transport of the active ingredients and boosting skin hydration

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