Velvet Line

The line of cosmetics most desired by demanding women.

Precious products that offer a toning, antioxidant and nourishing effect.

An exclusive moisturising and elasticising formula with a powerful anti-wrinkle effect.

A treat for your face that pampers the skin leaving it youthful and velvety.

Larymar Velvet Line is dedicated to women of all ages who want to keep their skin healthy and young.

A line of innovative products designed to ensure a long-lasting, immediately visible lifting effect.

A whole new sensory experience, brought to you from the Larymar research laboratories.

The exclusive formula of Velvet Line, which is rich in natural ingredients and oil microcrystals, lends your skin youth, brightness, and vitality.

On your forehead, around your eyes, on your neckline… Larymar Velvet Line makes a difference right from the very first applications!

Larymar Velvet Line acts deep down, within the structure of the dermis, smoothing out wrinkles and leaving your face exceptionally soft and supple.

Thanks to the active ingredients and their outstanding cosmetic effectiveness, your skin is moisturised and remains smooth and soft, with a long-lasting velvety feel. Discover Larymar Velvet Line.

Discover the beginning of your new-found youth.

Velvet Line Jojoba Scrub

  • It exfoliates the skin: guaranteed skin softness
  • It renews the stratum corneum by accelerating skin turnover
  • It favours the production of collagen and elastin
  • It protects the skin against early ageing
  • It carries nourishing substances
  • It leaves the skin velvety soft
Jojoba Scrub
Black Gold Mask

Velvet Line Black Gold Mask

  • It attenuates wrinkles: it reduces wrinkles by 55% increasing elasticity and hydration
  • It detoxifies and purifies: the skin is cleansed with bamboo coal dust for an improved result
  • It tones and firms the skin: wrinkles and expression lines are smoothed out
  • It leaves the skin moisturised, smooth, firm and soft
  • It nourishes, soothes and reduces inflammation

Velvet Line Lifting Cream

  • It nourishes, hydrates and restores skin elasticity
  • It reduces wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes: ageing signs are reduced, and in many cases they are eliminated
  • It protects against photoageing

    Velvet Line, Ultra Lifting Serum

Velvet Line Ultra Lifting Serum

  • It has an antioxidant effect and protects against UV rays
  • It lends softness and elasticity: skin becomes softer, brighter and more elastic
  • It improves the eye contour area: it reduces wrinkles, soothes skin and improves the appearance of the area around the eyes
  • It relaxes the skin: it loosens muscle tension
  • It protects against external factors: it not only moisturises and tones the skin but also protects it against wind, frost and smog
  • Velvet Line - Jojoba Scrub
  • Velvet Line - Black Gold Mask
  • Velvet Line - Lifting Cream
  • Velvet Line - Ultra Lifting Serum